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The result: a very soft skin!

I have been using the ALAM superfood powder blend for 1.5 months now. I incorporate it into my breakfast with oatmeal and notice that, in combination with a healthy diet, I am much more energetic. In addition, I have much less abdominal discomfort than before. I have also used the ALAM red clay mask for my face several times. The result: a very soft skin!


Definitely recommend!

I ordered and tried the Alam box because I wanted to invest in a healthier lifestyle during the pandemic and I must say that I really do like the products! The powder makes me more energetic and focused and I immediately notice a difference when I forget to add the powder. It also seems to have a positive impact on my migraine. The headaches seem a lot less severe since using the powder daily, which is great! The mask is also very nice and for me a game changer! I tried lots of facemasks the last couple years but almost everything causes my skin to break out heavily the day after. Thatโ€™s why I rarely applied face masks before but this is drastically changed. I surprisingly never experienced this with the Alam mask and added this to my monthly self-care regime! Which need to be weekly ASAP, but I am working on it. Altogether super nice products which I can only recommend to everyone!


Itโ€™s the most trustworthy product Iโ€™ve ever used.

For me, ALAM is the perfect addition to my healthy lifestyle. I exercise regularly and try to stick to healthy meals, but breakfast has always been a challenge. I often don’t have breakfast at all, don’t like huge breakfast bowls and try to avoid bread or cereals. I’ve been using ALAM for 6 weeks and it feels like the perfect start of my day: a smoothie with Alpro chocolate drink, one banana, chia seeds, cinnamon, flaxseed and ALAM superfood powder. For lunch or dinner, I often crave pancakes and now I can enjoy them on a daily basis! I always use Alpro oat drink, one egg, spelt flour and ALAM superfood powder and my boyfriend doesn’t even notice there is ALAM in it! I use the ALAM red clay face/body mask once a week, not just for cosmetic use but also for health related issues. My legs are very dry and itchy, but since Iโ€™m using ALAM red clay mask on my body, it definitely resulted in my legs being less dry and my skin feeling nourished!

Why am I absolutely addicted to ALAM? Easy:

  • Where do you find a product that has nutritional value but serves as a nourishing mask for the whole body as well?
  • It keeps me full for hours.
  • It energizes me.
  • It helps me to stick to a healthy diet.
  • It helps me to maintain a tight tummy and show my muscles.
  • It’s the most trustworthy product I’ve ever used, with all certified natural products.
  • The face/body mask boosts my outer beauty, but also my inner beauty by nourishing my skin.

I would recommend it to everyone that is already living a healthy lifestyle, but seeks to improve their body and inner and outer health by treating themselves to ALAM.


Pure, whole & quality

Love the ALAM green pow(d)er blend! I use it fir my morning latte, in my green shakes and sometimes in my oatmeal! The ALAM red clay mask is so purifying and an absolute wellness moment at home! Love your products! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸโ™ฅ๏ธ


I would recommend ALAM products to everyone!

It is great for me to use ALAM superfood powder as an addition to my healthy lifestyle. This thanks to the natural ingredients and the purity of the product that give my body a boost. The ALAM red clay mask is also my favorite! It nourishes my skin and gives a natural glow. Using ALAM products makes me feel good inside and out. I would recommend them to everyone!


Delicate & conscious box

Super sophisticated and thoughtful box! All the products are very useful and the superfood power blend is delicious! The rosewater mixed with the clay mask left my skin super smooth and bright! Love this box!


It is really different from a regular candle

Wauw! Awesome. I would not call it a candle. It is more and different from an ordinary candle. When you put the candle lighting for the first time creates an impressive flame. You see real fire at its best form. After that, the flame becomes less big, but no less beautiful. It’s like a fireplace. One that you can even take outside, or during a picnic or romantic get-together outside.
But it also gives real peace in the house, a beautiful flame. The whole look is natural. It goes on in its environment but is perfect due to the character of the flame and the delicious subtle scent present. It is really different from a candle.


Lovely products. ALAM rosewater is my new all-time favorite!

I love the perfection and dedication ALAM holistic has sourced and created their products with. The ALAM box has contributed for me to an improved digestion, smoother skin and stronger hair and nails. My favorite product is the ALAM rosewater. I tried many rosewaters before but this one is super concentrated, genuinely 100% natural and, combined with the ALAM mask, effective in reducing my acne. The coconut candles smell amazing and are a perfect gift to yourself or others. All in all, ALAM holistic is a brand with a mission and has amazing products!


That is the reason that convinced me to order a second ALAM box.

I dissolve 2 teaspoons ALAM superfood powder in milk or yogurt daily. When my 1st shipment was almost finished I did not use the product for 1 1/2 weeks. I noticed that my bowel movements became more difficult and I had more stomach complaints. When I started to use ALAM superfood powder again, these complaints disappeared. That is the reason that convinced me to order a second ALAM box.


Carla van den Eijnde

ALAM is voor mij een hele goede aanvulling op mijn gezonde levensstijl waar ik een aantal jaren mee begonnen ben. Zowel goede beweging, voeding die bestaat uit de goede eiwitten, vetten, koolhydraten en ontspanning. Met de aanvulling van ALAM merk ik aan bijv. mijn nagels dat er van binnenuit ook iets gebeurt.



Good for health and the environment!
It is a beautiful product that suits any interior.
And not to forget it also smells great!
I opted for tropikal fruits.
Also nice to give to someone as a gift.
I am super enthusiastic about this product and very curious about the other products.


I have noticed a positive difference in several areas.

Since I have been using the ALAM superfood powder and the ALAM red clay mask, I have noticed a positive difference in several areas. For example, after 3 weeks my psoriasis has gone away on my face. My blood circulation also seems to be better, because I have a lot more color in my face than before. My bowel movements have gotten better and I have a much less bloated stomach. I am very enthusiastic about ALAM and I am curious what other benefits I will experience in the long term!

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